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Impressive growth comes from impressive culture

We’ve been putting together a video series at Wistia called How They Work. In it, we go around and interview inspiring businesses about their company culture. Each How They Work is about three minutes long. They are designed to capture just a few of those sweet, sweet nuggets of culture that are drivers of success.

Clover Food Lab is the most recent company to be featured on How They Work. In the last year Clover has expanded from one food truck and 10 employees to five trucks, two restaurants, and about 140 employees.

My favorite thing about Clover other than their delicious chickpea fritter is that they have completely blurred the line between the food and tech industries. They’ve built internal software that runs on iPods to scale up and down with demand. They test and measure everything they do. They even change up what they’re selling on a daily basis by only having digital menus and whiteboards. If they were a software company their story would be incredibly impressive, but for a food business it’s completely mind boggling.

Watch the How They Work for the full story.